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What is Dry-mix Mortar Production Line
- Dec 25, 2016 -

Dry-mix mortar is mainly composed of dry sand, cement, thickening powder, fly ash and other raw materials. Dry-mix mortar manufacturing equipment, refers to the production line which makes a whole of raw materials storage, internal transport, accurate proportioning, uniform mixing, and product packaging in the dry mix mortar manufacturing plant.

Dry-mix mortar originated from the European construction market in 1850s which up to now has been widely used for many years. As dry-mix mortar has prominent advantages of water saving, energy saving, environmental protection, and strong adhesion, it quickly swept the European and American building material market since put into use.

1. Good dispersion. The internal of the dry mortar mixer adopts unique structural design, which effectively disperses the polypropylene fiber and the wood fiber thereby completely solves the issue of material segregation and fiber twice reunion due to different proportions.

2. Wide range of use. Dry-mix mortar manufacturing equipment can meet different production needs of dry mortar with different performance requirements such as masonry mortar, plastering mortar, thermal insulation system mortar, decorative mortar, etc.

3.Less investment, high efficiency. You can avoid equipment idle and waste of resources.

4.Easy to use. Our dry-mix mortar manufacturing equipment covers a small area and has low energy consumption which is easy to operate, easy to install and easy to use with high hourly production capacity and less required staff.