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Water Mixing System For Concrete Mixers
- Jul 10, 2017 -

Concrete mixing plant in the urbanization is an indispensable and important part of it for all types of roads, bridges, water conservancy projects to provide a steady stream of concrete, concrete mix can not be separated from the concrete mixer, mixer is a high efficiency Models, not only can be used alone, but also with the ingredients into a simple concrete mixing plant.

What good features should a good concrete mixer have?

1, oil spill protection design: equipped with multiple shaft seal protection device and wind pressure seal protection device;

2, monitoring device: an independent monitoring device, Concrete Mixer you can always monitor, gear box, electric lubrication pump, discharge pump working condition;

3, independent electric pump: concrete mixer to be equipped with special electric lubrication pump, requiring four independent pump core were added to the four bearings were lubricants;

4, water system: requires a multi-channel water spray system, so that the water can be more uniform spray in the host;

5, stable design: increase the weight of concrete mixer, Concrete Mixer so that the host run more stable.

How does the concrete mixer be overhauled? As a good concrete mixer, the company mainly to the production of mixing equipment, while providing customers with a variety of difficult miscellaneous questions, today to share with customers how to do a good job mixing equipment maintenance:

1, check the shaft is not a leak appearance, if in time for the shaft seal.

2, often finishing attached to the machine within the mixing material, if the wear and tear local, please timely welding.

3, check the motor shaft is not about fuel.

4, check the distribution cabinet terminal is not loose, if any, Concrete Mixer please tighten, adhere to the distribution cabinet cleaning clean.

5, when the mixing material is not aspiring, check is not probably replace the mixing leaves, lining.

6, mixing, the machine has a noise operation, check the bearing, mixing shaft is not damaged, or hold the tank is stuck in the appearance.

These are the concrete mixer often need to pay attention to the key to protection, the customer must be carefully checked to ensure that the equipment can run normally.