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The Working Principle Of Concrete Pump
- Jun 26, 2017 -

The working principle of concrete pump

Main cylinder control two concrete cylinder reciprocating motion

Swing the cylinder to the distribution valve and hopper alternately with the two concrete cylinder connected

Contraction from the hopper inhalation, out of the distribution valve to discharge

Concrete pump before pumping, should pay attention to the concrete hydraulic table and the various parts of the working state, generally at the exit of the concrete pump, prone to blockage. Concrete Pump In case of clogging conditions, the pump should be reversed, so that the clogged concrete to be reflux, until it is even after mixing and pumping. If you do not see any effect, then you should shut down the pump, clear the blockage.

Pumping points

During the pumping process, the concrete should be supplied continuously. If it can not be fed continuously, the pumping speed of the concrete can be slowed down. In addition, the pump can not stop working, but every 4-5 minutes, so that the concrete pump for positive and negative rotation, Concrete Pump in order to prevent the mixing of the pipeline within the agglomeration or precipitation, if the pump stop more than 45 minutes, It should be cleaned and then pumped again.

In the pumping of concrete, the hopper should keep a certain amount of concrete, so as to prevent the hopper into the air, causing concrete countercurrent, the formation of clogging, if this problem occurs, you need to reverse the pump, the concrete Return to the hopper, Concrete Pump when the air out before the normal pumping.

It is worth noting that the pumping process, should be changed every 2 hours in the water tank, while checking the pump cylinder travel, if any changes can be adjusted in a timely manner. In addition, in order to reduce the uneven wear of the cylinder wall, it is best to start a long stroke. Concrete Pump Only when the start and concrete slump is small, the short-distance pumping concrete.

Vertical pumping points

Vertical upward transport of concrete, due to water hammer, will make the concrete countercurrent, transmission efficiency, the higher the delivery pipe, the more obvious the phenomenon. In view of this problem, the correct solution is to set a horizontal tube between the pump and the vertical tube of a 10 meters above the horizontal tube, in order to offset the impact of concrete falling impact; Concrete Pump and concrete pump discharge port should be near the throttle valve.

Also in the high temperature construction, should pay attention to the horizontal delivery tube covered with two layers of wet grass curtain, anti-sunshine, and regular water spray, in order to prevent the pipeline blockage.