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The Use Characteristics Of Concrete Mixer
- Aug 01, 2017 -

Concrete mixer is a machine that mixes cement, aggregate and water and mixes it into concrete mixture. It consists of mixing drum, feeding and discharging mechanism, water supply system, original motive, transmission mechanism, frame and supporting device.

Construction needs a lot of concrete, assuming that the artificial stirring, not only heavy effort, low production rate, and waste of cement, difficult to ensure quality, so the current is usually selected concrete mixer construction. It is necessary to choose concrete mixer according to concrete engineering situation, reasonably select and use concrete mixer to reduce construction cost and ensure construction quality.

According to the continuity of the production process, the concrete mixer can be divided into two categories: cycle type and continuous type. Concrete Mixer Cycle-type concrete mixer feeding, stirring, discharging according to the cycle, easy to ensure the quality of concrete, the construction site used in the concrete mixer is this category; Continuous concrete mixer feed, stirring and stir out the material are continuous, concrete quality is difficult to guarantee, more for hydraulic construction. Concrete Mixer According to the type of power can be divided into two types of electric and internal combustion, according to the power of the construction site selection. According to the mode of equipment can be divided into fixed and movable two types, Concrete Mixer according to the amount of concrete engineering and construction needs. According to the stirring method, it can be divided into two types: forcible type and self falling type. The self-falling concrete mixer is carried by the blades of the rotating stirring drum to the high place of the mixing material and then stirred by the falling of the dead weight. The forced concrete mixer is forced by the rotating blades to knead, Concrete Mixer flip and stir the mixture.

The use characteristics of concrete mixer

1, cyclical concrete mixer: Cyclical concrete mixer is periodic loading, unloading, stirring process, the structure is relatively simple, easy to operate, and stirring the quality is very high, has been widely used.

2, Continuous concrete Mixer: continuous, continuous stirring, feeding, unloading process, Concrete Mixer production efficiency is very much, mainly used to mix you too much to large-scale engineering base.

3. Self-Falling concrete mixer: Because there are fixed mixing leaves in the stirring bucket, the mixing leaves will bring the material to a high angle, Concrete Mixer then throw out the free falling and stir evenly, suitable for mixing plastic concrete and half plastic concrete.

4. Forced concrete Mixer: the material in the cylinder is stirred by the blade on the rotating axis or the forced stirring of the scraper. Suitable for mixing hard concrete.

5, fixed-type concrete mixer: Through the rack anchor bolts and base fixed. Concrete Mixer More in the mixing plant or mixing station used.

6, Mobile concrete mixer, simple understanding, is equipped with mobile devices, can be transferred according to the actual needs. Suitable for small construction site and so on. Zhengzhou Morning Concrete mixing station equipment Quality assurance, service worry-free, to meet a variety of configuration.