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The Concrete Mixing Station Satisfies The Flexibility Of The Pretreatment
- Jul 10, 2017 -

Cement kiln co-disposal of household waste in the building materials industry has been well known, refers to meet or after pretreatment to meet the kiln requirements of solid waste into the cement kiln, in the production of cement clinker at the same time to achieve solid waste The disposal process is a new means of disposal of waste.

But the building materials industry has rarely heard of concrete mixing plant with the disposal of construction waste. Shanghai State Concrete Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. Chairman Yang Dezhi introduced a certain company has become a reality, built a year to deal with 500,000 tons of construction waste of the second generation of construction waste recycling demonstration line, Concrete batching Plant recycling of concrete and brick building Garbage, to produce renewable water tiles, permeable boards and other high-quality water-permeable building materials replacement products.

Here, we take a look at the concrete mixing plant is how to transform the construction waste recycling plant.

Round closed steel plant

"Two - step three - stage" regeneration process

"My program is in the original concrete mixing plant above a similar to the Shanghai South Railway Station, Beijing South Station, Concrete batching Plant like a circular steel structure of the isolation cover, the establishment of a fully enclosed factory, the construction waste broken regeneration, concrete mixing are placed Here. "Facing the reporter's question, Yang Dezhi straight to the point of his own ideas.

Why is a circular steel plant? Yang Dezhi told reporters that the long-span steel structure of circular environmental protection focus on the use of the plant is equal to the factory plus a dust cover, both dust and sound insulation, are multi-level dust and noise control, Concrete batching Plant especially to meet the implementation of large and medium cities concrete mixing plant Green transformation. At present, China's steel structure is very mature, cost and cheap, the cost of transformation is also easier to control.

In the circular steel plant interior, in turn set up construction waste pretreatment workshop, resource recycling workshop, product utilization workshop, the formation of ground operations, in the underground set up construction waste residue library, the formation of underground storage, so that recycled materials can be processed at any time, At any time factory.

In view of the differences in the composition of the construction waste, Yang Dezhi set up three sets of different construction waste centralized treatment of the use of complete sets of equipment, namely, concrete construction waste centralized treatment of the use of complete sets of equipment, Concrete batching Plant brick and concrete construction waste centralized treatment of complete sets of equipment, Construction waste disposal and disposal of the use of complete sets of equipment, respectively, the disposal of waste concrete, waste sintered clay brick and other single construction waste, brick building waste, demolition of construction waste centralized treatment grading use, decoration construction waste and brick and wood construction waste.

Each set of equipment running process, are using "two-step three-stage" regeneration process, that is, the first step pre-processing, to achieve the accumulation of organized, the second step, the resource recycling.

For example, in the concrete construction waste centralized treatment of the use of complete sets of equipment processing process, the first step, that is, Concrete batching Plant in the removal of the mobile dust cover (greenhouse) or plant pretreatment workshop for pretreatment, reinforced concrete components using vehicle Hydraulic shock drill dismantling the stripping of reinforced concrete; floor, ring beam, structural column and other small reinforced concrete components using vehicle-mounted hydraulic clamp shear dismantling reinforced concrete; and then waste into the mobile crushing station crushing and bar sieve separation residue, Slag and slag into the subsidence (or ground) construction waste slag base material classification organized stacking. The second step, resource recycling production line production of recycled aggregate, recycled fine aggregate, renewable powder.

In addition, the stack site or factory using mobile pretreatment and modular resource regeneration model, both to meet the flexibility of pretreatment, but also to achieve the standardization of resource recycling.

Mixing station to deal with

Bring the environment, economic benefits

With the concrete mixing plant co-disposal of construction waste can not only bring social benefits to the community, but also to bring economic benefits to the enterprise.

Yang Dezhi told reporters that the concrete mixing station co-disposal, the first to bring the environmental benefits. Concrete mixing plant green development, by adding a round steel structure plant and other technological transformation measures, so that the construction waste recycling building materials all in the closed dome plant, plus modular equipment, dustproof device, etc., to achieve a multi-level Dust, noise, Concrete batching Plant dust than the original production of dust, noise pollution is also small, thereby reducing the environmental load. Moreover, the concrete business is a mature industry group, through its own use and the surrounding enterprises to use, so that the rapid accumulation of renewable materials, to avoid the construction of waste and recycled materials stacked, polluting the surrounding environment.

Secondly, for the concrete mixing plant industry, enterprises, China's 15,000 concrete mixing plant, an average of less than 10 million people have a concrete mixing plant, a serious excess capacity, mixing station facing the pressure of transformation and upgrading. Will be part of the concrete mixing plant into a building waste recycling building materials project, in line with green development, innovation-driven, Concrete batching Plant transformation and upgrading of the development direction, and construction waste recycling material is the fundamental way out in the concrete products can be applied, after the integration of reduced Transport links, reducing freight, reducing product costs and enhance the competitiveness of the product.

For the construction waste industry and enterprises, the new levy of land, the new construction waste centralized processing grading plant is usually in the suburbs, it is difficult to achieve the nearest collection of construction waste, the higher the cost of recycled building materials and other issues. The concrete mixing plant mostly in the urban and rural areas, its technical transformation to construction waste treatment plant, is conducive to the nearest transport, the nearest processing, the nearest use.

"Low cost of products, many types, the market is broad" is the concrete mixing plant turned into an important result of building waste recycling plant. It is understood that there are already building waste into recycled concrete, recycled mortar, and then add composite admixture, renewable aerated concrete blocks, recycled wall tiles, recycled water brick, recycled sandwich insulation block, , The whole building, recycled concrete components, recycled profiles, renewable templates and other products of technology, these products are many types, high quality, low cost, in the market is undoubtedly the most competitive one category.