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The Concrete Mixing Station Has High Production Efficiency
- May 26, 2017 -

Concrete mixing plant to achieve closed green, banned open-air barbecue and fried stalls, remediation of food fume pollution, strengthen the management of the terminal and yard, strengthen the industrial park dust remediation, increase the intensity of waste incineration, Concrete batching Plant banned key areas Open sand and other nine major initiatives, and ultimately to achieve the goal of improving the air quality of Qinzhou City.

The Evolution of Concrete Mixing Plant

For any kind of thing, from production to development is the need for a more long process. Concrete mixing plant is no exception, Concrete batching Plant from the emergence of the market to the growing maturity, but also experienced a process of evolution. So, in the development of concrete mixing plant evolution, the concrete mixing station has undergone what changes? Today Xiaobian give you a detailed introduction. Concrete batching Plant Recent publications attempt to solve the specific parameters of this problem Offline Mixer Measure Description The mixture evolved during a high quality concrete mixing plant process. Three-word measuring power consumption, a concrete humidity sensor and a sensor for rheological properties of concrete. The following are the same as the "

For the concrete mixing station as an energy for the purpose of concrete mixing according to a variety of specific recipes to arrange the necessary applications. The mixing time is the sum of the mixing periods during the loading period (dry mixing, wet mixing) during the mixing period. Concrete batching Plant It is well known that the discharge and weighing periods also require energy, but these are ignored in this article. For a comprehensive experiment it is clear that the comparison of different specific recipe energy applications is the only effective homogeneity of different recipes when it is equal to the end of the mixing process. It is important to integrate the power curve to determine the energy of the application. The total amount is constant load time t load = 10 seconds Diesel engine concrete mixing station with two shafts, such as in a mixing experiment. In summary, Concrete batching Plant it is easy to see the concrete mixing plant in the process of development and evolution, through a series of component evolution, and ultimately develop into the current mode of operation. But with the development of science and technology, I believe that concrete mixing plant in the future will be more humane operation and more perfect evolution.

There are two kinds of concrete mixing stations according to the way of operation. The first is the cycle of the type of feeding and mixing and unloading three processes, according to a certain time interval to carry out agitation work. The second type of continuous operation, this process is in a very long cylinder for continuous work. Although the productivity is higher than that of the circulation operation, the mixing quality is poor due to the difficulty in controlling the mixing ratio and the stirring time of the various ingredients. Currently using less.

Sorted by agitation

Concrete mixing station by mixing the way points from the fall of concrete mixing station, forced concrete mixing station two. Since the fall concrete mixing station is to put the mixture in a rotating mixing drum, with the mixer's mixing drum to rotate, stirring the blade inside the mixture to a certain height, and then rely on the weight of the material free of charge Sprinkled down. So that the mixing work again and again until until the mix. This mixer can generally be mixed with plastic and semi-plastic type of concrete.

The forced concrete mixer is a stirrer which does not move and is forcedly agitated by the blades on the rotating shaft of the drum. This mixer mix quality will be very good, the production efficiency is also high, but the power consumption will be great, and the blade wear faster. In general we will choose to be suitable for mixing dry hard concrete.

Classified by device

Concrete mixing station by device means divided into fixed and mobile two.

Fixed concrete mixing plant is installed on a pre-prepared basis, the machine can not move. It is bulky and productive. Used for mixing plants or mixing stations.

Mobile concrete mixing plant itself has a wheel, and light weight, small size, so good motor performance. Applied to small and medium-sized temporary works.