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The Characteristics Of Concrete Mixer
- Aug 11, 2017 -

Concrete mixer is a certain mix of sand, stone, cement and water and other materials into a uniform meet the quality requirements of the concrete machinery. Concrete mixer according to the different principles of mixing it can be divided into self-fall and forced two categories.

Concrete mixer according to its structure can be divided into drum type concrete mixer, double cone reversing material and forced three.

The characteristics of concrete mixer

Due to the different types of concrete mixers, Concrete Mixer the use of objects is different, then they highlight the characteristics are different, according to the different concrete mixer, we make the following classification:

1, cyclical concrete mixer: periodic concrete mixer is a periodic charge, unloading, mixing process, the structure is relatively simple, easy to operate, Concrete Mixer and the quality of mixing is very high, has been widely used.

2, continuous concrete mixer: continuous, continuous mixing, feeding, unloading process, the production efficiency is very high, mainly for the mix you are too large engineering base.

3, since the fall of concrete mixer: because the mixing bucket has a fixed mix of leaves, leaves the material to a very high angle, and then throw the free fall, stirring is very uniform, Concrete Mixer suitable for mixing plastic concrete and semi-plastic concrete The

4, forced concrete mixer: the material within the cylinder through the rotation of the blade or scraper forced mixing, is the mixing evenly, stirring more time, high efficiency. Concrete Mixer Suitable for mixing relatively hard concrete.

5, fixed concrete mixer: through the rack anchor bolts and base fixed. More used in the mixing plant or mixing station.

6, mobile concrete mixer, a simple understanding, is equipped with mobile devices, according to the actual needs of the transfer. Suitable for small construction site. and many more