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Teach You How To Install A Multi-surface Mixer
- Nov 17, 2016 -

1, the bridge must be corrected level, half-bridge column should be corrected vertical, anchor bolts and the connection must be strong and reliable;

2, the shock absorber seat on the bridge in the specified position, the level of correction after the connection with the bridge fixed;

3, deceleration motor installed in the shock-absorbing seat on top, and its fixed;

4, the impeller and the agitator shaft flange bolts and fastening;

5, the impeller and the mixing shaft into the pool, the mixing shaft and reducer output shaft connection and fastening, in the case of water should be the first shaft and impeller connected into the water, so the shaft and reducer connection;

6, multi-surface mixer in the installation, the stirring axis must be perpendicular to the horizontal plane;

7, after the installation is complete, remove the motor tail cover, hand rotating fan blades, check the operation of multi-surface mixer is flexible and normal. The swing deviation of the stirring shaft should be less than 3/1000;

8. After turning on the power, observe the direction of rotation of the agitator, and watch the counterclockwise rotation from top to bottom for correct steering. If not, the location of any two power wiring can be replaced;