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Stability Of Concrete Mixers
- Jun 26, 2017 -

In order to eliminate the safety hazards of concrete mixers in time, to ensure that the state of concrete mixer intact, to achieve safe use, it must be on the concrete mixer for routine maintenance and planned maintenance, the specific procedures are as follows:

1. Must ensure that the concrete mixer body clean, remove the body of dirt and obstacles.

2. Before the daily work to check the lubrication of the oil and circuit and control equipment, Concrete Mixer and as required filling lubricants.

3. Mixer must implement the secondary leakage protection, power supply after work connected, must be carefully checked, after the empty test that qualified, before use.

4. Before the work must check the transmission clutch and brake is flexible and reliable, whether the damage to the rope, the track pulley is good, Concrete Mixer there are obstacles around the various parts of the lubrication and so on.

5. Before the daily work, add water in the mixing cylinder for 1 to 2 seconds, and check the reliability of the clutch and brake operation.

6. Concrete mixer operation process, should always check the motor, reducer, Concrete Mixer transmission gear noise is normal, the temperature is too high,

7. After each work, you must carefully clean the concrete mixer.

Under normal circumstances, the concrete mixer in the work for some time after the need for maintenance, in addition to the daily maintenance of the work content, but also need further maintenance, inspection and adjustment of the brake clearance. For example, the clutch inside and outside the brake belt wear and tear must be replaced, adjust the mixing blade and the gap between the scraper and the liner, Concrete Mixer the hopper and the discharge door of the closed and flexible, clutch wear and water distribution system algorithm is normal. The use of chain drive concrete mixer also need to check the elongation of the chain pitch.

Advantages of concrete mixer

1. European imports of welding robots

The introduction of European original imported welding robot, to ensure the stability of welding quality;

2. Advanced numerical control equipment

CNC center using imported CNC equipment, advanced process;

3. Mix the quality of uniform

Stirring a few groups of mixing blades staggered, Concrete Mixer can be fully stirred in the cylinder mixture, and can quickly and evenly stir;

4. Hydraulic drive

Discharge door using imported hydraulic system drive, compared with the traditional drive form, with a compact structure, smooth operation, the door positioning accuracy and so on.