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Precautions For Use Of Concrete Mixers
- Aug 23, 2017 -

In the mixing station equipment, concrete mixer is the most important core components, determines the overall mixing plant productivity and quality of concrete mixing station is good or bad. Next, we will come together to understand the use of concrete mixer under what matters.

The concrete mixer is used before the inspection work

1, check the gear box and lubrication part of the lubrication (fat) is good enough.

2, check the power supply voltage, Concrete Mixer rated voltage 380V, the pressure drop shall not be less than 10%, but not higher than 5%, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the machine.

3, check the motor and electrical components wiring is reliable, Concrete Mixer and wire to the motor ground to ensure safety, and then turn on the power.

4, connected to the water, check the pump, throttle and water pipe reliability.

5, check the car parts of the link bolt is solid, Concrete Mixer especially the moving parts of the connection, if loose should be tightened.

6, check the wire rope is neatly arranged in the reel, if loose should be re-wrapped around.

7, check the mixing cylinder, the hopper and the track frame whether there is foreign matter accumulation, if the accumulation should be promptly cleaned up.

8, check the hopper upgrade is flexible, brake, Concrete Mixer travel switch action is sensitive, accurate and reliable.

Precautions for the use of concrete mixers

1, the new machine should be used in accordance with the requirements of the use of concrete mixer instructions, the system and parts by item to test and the necessary test run. Empty operation, check the direction of rotation of the stirring cylinder or stirring blade, the operation of the working device, braking, Concrete Mixer to confirm the normal, before operation.

2, fixed concrete mixer, should be installed in a solid pedestal. When used for a long time, should be embedded anchor bolts; such as short-term use, can be laid in the base under the sleepers and leveling stable.

3, for the mobile concrete mixer, Concrete Mixer should be installed in the flat hard floor with a square wood or support frame prison, and keep the horizontal tire is not force. If the use of time more than three months or more, the tire should be properly removed to ensure that the end of the shaft should be clean and rust work.

4, for some need to dig the hopper on the pit of the mixer, the pit around the pad should be tightened to prevent the ground water into the pit. Concrete Mixer The bottom end of the loading track frame shall be compacted or tiled, and the back of the frame shall be supported by wood to prevent deformation of the track during operation.

5, after the start of the concrete mixer, the stirring cylinder should be carried out after the normal speed of the material, the material after the timely addition of water; add new material must first mix the original concrete in the mixer before the discharge. Do not stop or full load when the start of the mixer, Concrete Mixer except for the material out of the material.

6, in the use of concrete mixer, do not make sand and gravel into the machine running part, so as not to damage the running parts. After the hopper upgrade, the bucket can not be someone through or stay, so as to prevent the brake failure accident. If you must repair or carry out cleaning work in the bucket, Concrete Mixer forced to stop and the hopper with the insurance chain.

7, the mixer operation, such as failure can not continue to run, should immediately cut off the power, the mixing tube of concrete removed clean, and then overhaul.

8, after the operation, the mixer should be a comprehensive cleaning, the operator if you need to enter the cylinder cleaning, you must cut off the power, Concrete Mixer set someone outside the guard, or remove the fuse and lock the brake box, and then before entering.

9, the mixer on the hopper of the handle, the application of pins fixed, so as not to enter the Jane clean, the body touched the handle to raise the hopper, the occurrence of extrusion accident.

10, after the operation, the mixer hopper should be dropped to the hopper pit, if you want to rise the application of the chain fastened.

The role of concrete mixer

(1) components are evenly distributed to achieve macroscopic and microscopic homogeneity.

(2) destruction of cement particles agglomeration phenomenon, so that the surface of each particle by water infiltration, to promote the development of the phenomenon of dispersion.

(3) Destroying the initial hydrate film wrap on the surface of cement particles to promote the combination of cement particles with other materials to form the desired hydration product.

(4) As the aggregate surface covered with a thin layer of dust and clay, Concrete Mixer hinder the formation of the interface layer, it should be between the material collision and friction between the multiple to reduce the impact of dust film.

(5) to improve the number of units involved in the movement of the mixture and the trajectory of the cross-frequency to accelerate to achieve homogenization.