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PLC Control System Used In Concrete Pump
- Jul 20, 2017 -

Concrete pump, also known as concrete pumps, consists of pump body and conveying pipe. It is a kind of machinery that uses pressure to continuously transport concrete along the pipeline, mainly used in building, bridge and tunnel construction. At present, mainly divided into gate valve concrete pump and s valve concrete pump. Another is to install the pump body on the chassis, and then equipped with retractable or inflectional cloth rods, and the composition of the pump.

We always say a penny of the price, but the true meaning of a roundabout sentence is actually not known, for example, the mineral industry often used in the concrete pump, Concrete Pump the price of its concrete pump, as you said, a penny of the price of goods, but the different kinds of concrete pump prices are specific characteristics of the unique advantages, then here today, the following for everyone to explain in detail, on the determination of the price of concrete pump The intuitive factors "advantage characteristic performance."

In view of the need to pump fine stone concrete in the construction of ground heating, Concrete Pump and the traditional mortar pump can not complete the pump, fine stone concrete pump successfully solved this problem, the pump adopts the most advanced s-tube valve structure, double cylinder piston type, Concrete Pump full hydraulic control, with a smooth system operation, easy to control, maintenance and so on.

In addition to pumping fine stone concrete, but also pump mortar, for the ground, wall construction, etc., can also add compressed air injection device to form a complete wet concrete jet, can be widely used in mine and underground engineering support lining, building wall spraying, strengthening the building structure, reinforcement, rock and soil slope stability, tunnel excavation and other projects. Concrete Pump It has the advantages of high operation efficiency, good concrete quality, low dust concentration, low rebound rate, low failure rate and low engineering cost.

Performance characteristics of Concrete pump:

1, the ground warm construction uses the fine stone concrete pump: May pump sends the fine stone concrete, uses in the warm construction.

2, the use of long life reversing valve, so that sealing good, high output pressure, Concrete Pump can be used with high-rise construction.

3, the use of PLC control system, so that better control performance.

4, the design of the reverse pump function, making cleaning pipe blockage becomes very easy.

5, the whole machine uses the air-cooled design, the use is convenient, does not need to connect the water source. It is equipped with centralized lubrication system to prolong the service life of the whole machine.

6, the machine with a walking wheel, mobile, Concrete Pump in place flexible and convenient, with vibration motor, so that the machine more efficient, convenient, warm construction of fine stone concrete pump.

In fact, in terms of what people often say about the price of a penny. The increase in the price of its concrete pump has a very correct match, so everyone in the purchase of concrete pump must pay attention to, so as to choose not only suitable for their own use and good quality concrete pump.