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Mobile Hydraulic Concrete Placing Boom
- Dec 17, 2016 -

The leg type concrete placing boom and wheel type concrete placing boom, radius: 15m, 17m and 18m.

Leg type hydraulic concrete placing boom!             

 The leg type hydraulic concrete placing boom do not need to be fixed when using, according to the need of on-site pouring flexible setting. Compact    structure, light weight, and the whole machine can be lifted during transportation. Flexible, widely applicable, it is suitable for complex construction      site, Safe and reliable, economical and practical.

 The placing booms must be used with concrete pump. You can lift the concrete placing boom with tower crane form one layer to another layer, when    it finished one layer concrete pouring.

Wheel type hydraulic concrete placing boom

The wheel type concrete placing boom installed four wheels and four hydraulic legs! Moved more easily! And you can tow it from one construction site  to another construction site quickly! Improved the working efficiency greatly!