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Maintenance Of Concrete Mixers
- Aug 11, 2017 -

The main purpose of the concrete mixer is to have been in the concrete mixer in the mixing of concrete or mortar transported to the construction site;

As the concrete mixer of the mixing tank is adjustable speed rotation stirring, so the concrete concrete mixer truck can be transported to the maximum limit in the delivery of the required distance and time without isolation, coarse aggregate does not settle, to maintain good workability ;

The concrete concrete mixer is used for the construction of the mixed station and the large-scale project, and it must be equipped with an elevated mixing station (machine) which allows the tanker to pass freely and collect the material.

Another concrete mixer is also a piggyback use is able to transport the same amount of water with the load of concrete.

The concrete mixer is equipped with a cylindrical agitator to carry the mixed concrete. During the transport process will always keep the stirring cylinder rotation, Concrete Mixer Truck to ensure that the concrete will not be solidified. After transporting the concrete, the inside of the agitator is usually rinsed with water to prevent the hardened concrete from occupying the space, making the volume of the agitator tube less and less.

A concrete truck used to transport concrete for concrete; it is often called a snail car because of its shape. These cylinders are equipped with cylindrical agitators to carry the mixed concrete.

It is composed of automobile chassis, stirring cylinder, transmission system, water supply device, full power take power device, stirring cylinder front and rear bracket, reducer, Concrete Mixer Truck hydraulic transmission system, inlet and outlet system, control mechanism and other components. Concrete Mixer Truck Due to technical bottlenecks, domestic concrete mixer tank volume 3m ³-8m ³ made of four large pieces, 8m ³ above the volume of the four large parts for the imported parts.

Concrete mixer: two types of chassis, transmission system, hydraulic system, rack, mixing tank, into the material device, water supply system, control system, people ladder and other parts. The front end of the mixing tank is connected to the reducer on the front of the rack and the rear end is supported by two rollers mounted on the back of the rack.

Concrete mixer in the course of work should be strictly in accordance with the instructions and the use of mechanical rules for the use of maintenance and cleaning, Concrete Mixer Truck in order to extend the life of concrete mixer.

(1). In the filling at the same time to the car comes with the cleaning water tank filled with water, each time before filling the water rinse feed inlet, so that the feed port to keep wet when filling.

(2). Fill the feed inlet after filling, clean the remaining concrete near the feed port, and keep the sewage from the concrete tank before the next charge. Secondly, it is necessary to ensure that the hydraulic oil cooling device is effective.

(3). To the site after the discharge of the trough, Concrete Mixer Truck and then to the concrete tank plus cleaning water 30-40 L, in the vehicle back to keep the concrete tank is slowly rotating to ensure that the hydraulic oil clean.

(4). Every day when the workers thoroughly clean the concrete tank and the inlet and outlet around to ensure that no sticky cement and concrete caking. Should be filled with grease on time, and often check the wear and tear, timely repair replacement