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Maintenance And Maintenance Of Concrete Pump
- Jul 10, 2017 -

We always say that the price of a sub-goods, but the true meaning of the words in fact, we do not know, for example, the mineral industry, often used in the concrete pump, the price of its concrete pump is also as we said Of the words of the same, a sub-price goods, but the concrete pump price is different from the specific characteristics of the unique advantages, then today, the following is a detailed explanation for the decision on the price of mining concrete pump Intuitive factor "advantage characteristic performance".

For the construction of the ground to be pumping fine stone concrete, Concrete Pump and the traditional mortar pump can not complete the pumping, the company developed the fine stone concrete pump successfully solved this problem, the pump using the most advanced S pipe valve structure, double Cylinder piston type, full hydraulic control, with the system running smoothly, easy to operate, less maintenance and so on.

In addition to pumping fine stone concrete, but also can pump mortar for the ground, wall construction, you can also add compressed air jet device to form a complete wet concrete jet, can be widely used in mine and underground engineering The support of the lining, the building wall spray, Concrete Pump the strengthening of the building structure, reinforcement, rock slope stability, tunnel excavation and other projects. With high operating efficiency, good quality concrete, low dust concentration, low resilience, low failure rate, low cost to the advantages of the project.

Concrete pump performance characteristics:

1, to warm the construction of fine stone concrete pump: pumpable fine stone concrete, for the warm construction.

2, the use of long-life valve, making a good seal, Concrete Pump the output pressure is high, available with high-rise building construction.

3, the use of PLC control system, so that control performance better.

4, designed anti-pump function, making it easier to clean up the pipeline blockage.

5, the whole machine with air-cooled design, easy to use, no water source. With a centralized lubrication system to extend the life of the machine.

6, the machine is equipped with walking wheel, mobile, in place flexible and convenient, with a vibration motor, so that the machine more efficient, convenient, to warm construction with fine stone concrete pump.

In fact, people often say that the price of a sub-goods in the relevant statement, Concrete Pump the increase in the price of concrete pump prices will have a very correct match, so we must be in the purchase of concrete pump to be careful to select Buy is not only suitable for their own use and good quality concrete pump.

On the concrete pump is necessary to maintain the problem of regular maintenance, the need to combine the actual use of the situation, if long-term production is busy need to do the necessary maintenance work, if the equipment downtime long-term idle, it should be regularly maintained once.

    In the daily production work, the concrete pump needs to be filled once every two hours. After the work of each class is finished, it is necessary to clean the building and the internal residual material, check the gap between the mixer blade and the liner, adjust the mixing arm and Stir the shaft to connect the bolts, Concrete Pump if the construction in the winter, after the end of the pipeline should be put in the water; put the air compressor air tank compressed air and water; the lubrication parts of the lubricating oil. Regularly check the blade, liner wear, if necessary, should be replaced, the transmission gear to check, and appropriate smear grease.