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Hydraulic Cylinder Maintenance Technical Standards
- Sep 20, 2017 -

Hydraulic Placing Boom


   1.1 Scope of the service The technical standards for the maintenance of the hydraulic cylinder components of the common materials and technical requirements, hydraulic cylinder inspection, assembly and testing for the hydraulic center of Panzhihua Panorama within the hydraulic cylinder repair and maintenance of the user units according to the implementation of this standard The

   1.2 seal selection seal should be selected Panzhihua Hydraulic Center designated manufacturer of standard products, special circumstances need to be related to Panzhihua Iron and Steel related technical department audit consent.


   1.3 thread lock hydraulic cylinder hydraulic connection in the installation should be used Panzhihua Hydraulic Center connecting thread of the loose structure type, can not take from the structure to prevent loose measures, should be painted Panzhihua Hydraulic Center designated threaded fastening glue.

   1.4 hydraulic cylinder anti-corrosion repair good hydraulic cylinder, if the warehouse or on-site storage time of more than 3 months, need to use appropriate anti-corrosion measures.

   1.5 bolt selection generally use 8.8, 10.9, 12.9 high-strength bolts (nails), should be used well-known domestic production plant products.

   1.6 cylinder maintenance standards with reference to the implementation of this standard.


   1.7 The interpretation of this standard belongs to Panzhihua Hydraulic Center.