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High Production Rate Of Concrete Mixing Plant
- Jul 20, 2017 -

Mixing plant of concrete mixing station is a double horizontal shaft forced concrete mixer, stirring performance is strong, stirring evenly, fast, high productivity, for dry hard, plastic and various proportions of concrete can achieve good stirring effect. Mixing host liner and stirring blades are specially treated, Concrete batching Plant the unique shaft end support and sealing form greatly improve the service life of the host.

Concrete is an important raw material of construction, which has a very important effect on the construction quality of the project. In the continuous increase of construction projects, Concrete batching Plant the demand for concrete materials has been increasing, some construction enterprises in the project to establish a concrete mixing station, in order to achieve the centralized production of concrete, so as to meet the construction requirements of concrete, improve the construction progress. Concrete mixing station has temporary and specific characteristics, only in a specific time for the development of the project Services, in the construction will also be constrained by the construction site and construction costs, in the management has not yet achieved standardization, Concrete batching Plant scientific development, in a certain extent, affect the quality of concrete construction. To this end, the relevant personnel in the construction of concrete mixing plant at the same time strengthen the concrete mixing plant quality management methods.

The concrete mixing station needs to carry on the scientific proportioning experiment when carries on the concrete production, unifies the different construction needs to weigh the different material, the liquid material, the powder material and so on. Concrete batching Plant The good material in accordance with a certain order to the mixer system to carry out stirring operation, and through the application of the control system reasonable set the stirring time, after the mixing time to meet the mixing of concrete to be completed in the prepared special transport vehicle. Under normal circumstances, the concrete delivery vehicle capacity is small, does not meet the actual need to transport the concrete capacity, for this reason, Concrete batching Plant it is necessary to apply the mixer will be concrete to stir more than once, in order to finally stir the finished material to install in the vehicle.

The production quality control of concrete mixing plant should run through the construction management of the concrete, including the construction of mixing station, the management of concrete production process and the use of raw materials. The construction of concrete mixing station can guarantee the concrete quality to meet the corresponding standard, and then provide the important support for the project. Concrete mixing station can also reasonably control the cost of concrete and enhance the value added of concrete development and application.

2.2 Improving the market competitiveness of concrete mixing station

The quality of concrete is very important to the construction quality of the project, and it can protect people's life and property safety. The quality management of concrete mixing station can raise the level of concrete production and quality control, Concrete batching Plant and reduce the crisis caused by concrete materials in construction.

What are the requirements for the transmission system inspection of concrete mixing station?

1, the main motor and planetary deceleration mechanism (or the use of cycloid reducer, coupling, bridge gear transmission Power) connection should be reliable, Concrete batching Plant the operation should be smooth, should not have abnormal sound;

2, climbing track feeding mechanism safety hooks and lock pin should be complete, the upper hopper Roller, transmission gear wear should not exceed the requirements of the machine specification;

3, bucket elevator, screw conveyor transmission should be smooth, no abnormal sound, leakage, cement accumulation;

4. The gear wear of the slewing mechanism of the pulling-shovel-type batching system shall be within the scope specified in the specification of the machine, and the wire rope shall conform to the relevant provisions of these Regulations;

5, Hopper-type batching system belt conveyor operation should be smooth, should not run eccentric, skid, should not be abnormal, tape should not fault, cracking.