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Floor Self-climbing concrete placing boom
- Dec 20, 2016 -

The radius of Self-climbing hydraulic concrete placing boom is from 13m to 32m (Rubber hose 3m is not included), with full hydraulic drive; The concrete placing boom should be fixed in the reserved hole on the floor .Climbing relies on tower crane when lifting the previous floor fixing.One climbing can pour two layers .

If the floor surface is larger .It will be better to install several tower body, it just need to move the arm frame to corresponding of tower body to achieved transfer.


The concrete placing boom with compact structure,convenient  using ,reliable security and economic practical is used to senior building and construction.


Characteristics of the self-climbing concrete placing boom


1.Modular design, mechanical and electrical integration control, folding boom, tube column, floor frame and shaft frame. Integration of advanced features and product diversification, to achieve a higher product portfolio, improve the applicability of the product.

2.Imported hydraulic and electrical components, adopt quality fast coupling for hydraulic pipelines, which is converted quickly,  it can effectively solve the problem of oil leakage in the process of assembling and dismantling, and avoid the pollution of the environment. Safety and reliability

3.3 or 4 sections hydraulic boom, large circular arc, novel and beautiful appearance, compact structure, and the lightweight design of the boom, which reduced the weight of the whole machine..

4. Easy to transport and install