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Dry Mortar Batching Plant
- Jan 12, 2017 -

Qingdao Xinxing Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd(Qingdao Sisoul group).is located in Qingdao, the beautiful seashore holiday city of China. Since we were founded in 1993,we combine technical research,production,sales and international sales together and become a manufacture specializes in construction machinery.

"Quality to survive, rely on scientific and technological development “is our developing concept. We take the quality as a life of enterprise, and continuously promote technology innovation, besides, we successively making cooperation with Germany Company.

Production description:

Equipment classification
Modular production equipment: designing according to the manufacturer's plant and scale of investment. Low cost, reasonable process. Can be configured automatic measurement and the computer operating system.
Tower Production equipment: The type of production line system from top to bottom arranged by function, according to raw material storage system, batching systems, coulter mixer, bulk and packaging system.
Equipment advantages

Technical Process
Drying system process:

  • Fuel combustion heat released into the dryer in the effect of draft fan.

  • Wet sand conveyed to the dryer by belt conveyor.

  • The dry sand out of the dryer into the linear vibrating screen for screening by bucket elevator, sieved dry sand by bucket elevator and the selector valve, respectively, yellow sand and coarse sand tank standby.

  • Exhaust fumes and smokes produced by the drying process is drawn into a cyclone and then to the pulse bag dust, dust and exhaust fumes after treatment be discharged with national standards.

  • Sand drying line controlled by IPC automatically (manually), the dynamic display the process.

Mortar mixing system process:

  • The materials are sent to the respective storage tank by bucket elevator or screw conveyor.

  •  When required metering, the valve of the storage tank automatically open, and the raw material into the metering scale, according to preset program closes pneumatic valve under the silo, measurement completed.

  • The pneumatic valve under the metering scale open, the material falls into mixer and begins to mix.

  •  After mixing, the mortar conveyed into the finished product silo, finished mortar through the sub-feeder, can be sent to the finished bulk machine, bag packaging machine or product storage tank.

Equipment components

Sand-drying systems composed with the belt machine, screening machine, crushing machine,  heating furnace, dryer, dust collector, electrical control and etc.; mortar mixing system consists of storage tank, batching scales silo, double shaft weightlessness mixer or coulter mixer, elevator, premixing silo, small silos, finished products tank, packages (bulk) equipment, dust, electrical control, framework and etc.
Equipment advantages:
1, Wide range usage: the device is able to meet the different production requirements of dry mortar. Such as: masonry mortar, plastering mortar, polymer mortar, polystyrene particles insulation mortar and other dry mortar.
2, Small investment: for wall insulation and decorative mortar production projects with a small investment, quick, short time to recover the cost. And avoid the machine is idle and waste of resources caused by excessive investment.
3, Simple application: This equipment takes less area, low power consumption, small working space, less preparation capacity, and easy operation.
4, Long life: the materials of vulnerable parts all used high-strength wear-resistant steel. Greatly extend the life.
5, Automatic computer control, intelligent identification, passive measurement, high sensitivity, stable performance, strong anti-interference ability, accurate measurement.