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Development Trend Of Concrete Pump Truck
- Mar 08, 2017 -

With the rapid development of the domestic commercial concrete industry and construction machinery leasing business, and expand the scale and scope of the western development and construction, construction machinery and related concrete conveying machinery industry has been rapid development, to further expand the market space of the concrete pump truck.

Our concrete pump truck corporate users are mainly qualified in the annual production capacity of 30 cubic meters of concrete products suppliers, all kinds of large construction units, have a certain economic strength and scale of operation of construction machinery leasing enterprises, from the construction unit of the equipment management department; focus today: individual users are mainly in developed coastal areas of the individual mixing stations and individual machinery leasing department. At present in the domestic corporate users there are at least 800 more, according to the international routine 5 each the size of the next few years the pump has a capacity will reach about 4000, plus the individual user's 1000, this figure is very impressive. Now the annual turnover of about 180 units, mainly consumer groups, while the slow growth of individual consumption is the price.

At present, the domestic product spectrum and production enterprises are increasing, product performance, quality are rapidly increasing. With the development of commodity concrete industry, concrete pumping machine specification is more complete, higher grade, concrete pump car arm toward the longer direction, from the past 37m mainstream, gradually transition to the 42 ~ 45m, 47 ~ 56m also favored by the market, such as the production of Sany SY5500THB 56 pump car length the boom has reached 56m, for the current domestic longest boom pump truck. With the production of heavy SY5500THB 56 pump car arm length reached 56m, for the current domestic longest boom pump truck. With the progress of the project to speed up the pump displacement, have increased the requirements of displacement in the past about 60 ~ 80m3 / h accounted for 60%, emission requirements are now 80 ~ 120m3 / h engineering more and more, such as concrete pump using the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, basically is 120m3 / h.

The mobility requirements of concrete pump are getting higher and higher. Mainly to grow quickly in the pump market, growth of 95.56% in 2002 than in 2001, in 2003 than in 2002? Chinese building material - building YiDianTong? Ranked the top three most outstanding peer growth greater than 100%. In addition, the pump market is gradually warmed up, 31, Chutian, Zoomlion, and other manufacturers have Hongdeli new listing. At present, more and more diesel engine power, not only the pump truck and truck pump requires the use of diesel engine power, the proportion of single trailer pump has gradually increased.

The hydraulic system to the integration of the development direction of open system and constant power control is widely used, especially the large flow pump, open system has many advantages of low temperature, high reliability, convenient maintenance, etc.. At the same time, hydraulic control technology, computer control technology has made breakthrough progress. Such as 31 product full hydraulic reversing and computer closed loop control technology has been widely used. The pump pressure has been greatly improved, already before 1971, most of the concrete outlet pressure is less than 2.94MPa, then increased to 5.88 ~ 8.38MPa, now has reached 22MPa, but also continue to improve the trend. At the same time, the pressure of the hydraulic system is also increasing, the basic 32MPa. Therefore, the transmission distance is also increasing, the maximum level of transport distance has more than 2000m, the maximum vertical pumping height can also be more than 500m.

To improve the energy saving and environmental protection performance of the equipment is also a major trend, the wind cooling gradually replaces the water cooling, the emission standards of the engine are improved, and most of them are up to the standards of Euro II or Euro III.

Paying more attention to study the reliability of concrete pump, mainly for the study of high strength, large aggregates, three graded concrete, it can pump minimum slump of concrete is only 20mm, maximum aggregate size of up to 80 ~ 120mm. Such as 31 HBT120A - 1410D grade concrete pump, has been successfully applied to the construction of the Three Gorges Project in three.

In addition to equipment design and manufacture has got considerable development, equipment use and maintenance of the level has been improved, the use of the equipment to send personnel to concrete pump mechanical principle, structure, operation and maintenance is more and more familiar with the equipment in the construction process, easy to use, and play the role of the the greater the. With the accelerated pace of China's economic construction, many large construction projects have been launched, the market demand for concrete machinery increased sharply. At the same time, the state has issued a ban on urban areas in the use of on-site mixing concrete policy, so that concrete pumps, pump trucks, concrete trucks and concrete mixing stations and other products hot up. These favorable external conditions provide a broad space for the development of concrete pumping machinery.