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Concrete Pumps Relieve Heavy Manual Labor
- Aug 01, 2017 -

Concrete pump is mainly used for: large high-rise or super high-rise building engineering, large-scale bridge engineering, tunnel engineering. Through the concrete pump to the concrete pump to a certain distance and height to irrigate, compared with other methods, Concrete Pump not only can reduce the heavy manual labor, but also can carry on continuous operation, thus shortening the time limit, reducing the cost, construction more civilized.

There are several types of concrete pump classification methods, as large as the following:

1. According to the driving method of concrete pump classification: There are piston type and squeeze type, at present, most of them are piston. In addition, Concrete Pump there are water pressure diaphragm type and gas tank type pump and other forms.

2. According to the transmission mode of concrete pump: in the piston concrete pump, divides into the mechanical type piston pump and the hydraulic piston pump, Concrete Pump at present is the hydraulic type piston pump. and the hydraulic piston pump press to push the piston of the medium different, and can be divided into hydraulic pressure type and oil pressure type two, most of the hydraulic type.

Selection of Concrete pump

Used for concrete construction of railway and highway tunnels, bridges and culverts, hydropower, mines, Concrete Pump high-rise buildings and national defense projects.

Selection of Concrete pump

At present, for the general according to the construction of the material bone diameter and construction speed choice of concrete pump selection, is the so-called quantity to eat and put, Concrete Pump and for super high-rise building pumping construction generally use high-pressure pump or a pump to the top to achieve.

The relay pump sends concrete through a concrete pump to another concrete pump hopper placed at a certain altitude, and then delivers the concrete to the destination through a second pump. The programme economy, relatively reliable, relatively speaking, the pump requirements are not too high, at the same time, after the completion of the project, these pumps can be economically used in other general works; Concrete Pump The disadvantage is that the construction is more cumbersome, the first pump and the second pump should be coordinated in the construction; the second pump is fixed to be special At the same time, the bearing capacity of the floor can meet the requirements. The pumping method is used in early stage of concrete pumping machinery development, with the concrete pumping machinery and related technology increasingly mature, the program is gradually replaced by a pump to the top program;

One pump to the top is the use of ultra-high pressure concrete pump directly to the concrete transport to the destination; the scheme has the advantages of simple construction and low construction cost. Concrete Pump But the project pump pressure is too high, prone to leakage caused by concrete segregation, plugging and other problems, so the pumping equipment, concrete pipelines and pumping construction technology requirements are extremely high; at the same time, after the completion of the project, the pump for other general projects is not too economical.

According to the comprehensive consideration, this case chooses one pump to the top plan, namely uses only one pump to send the concrete pump to the destination, Concrete Pump this plan is very high for the pump equipment request, has the representative.

The selection of ultra-high pressure concrete pump is generally based on working conditions, estimate the pipeline resistance, according to the calculated pressure value of the primary concrete pump model, finally according to the manufacturer to provide the demand for the construction, to confirm the pump pressure (determine the pump height), the theoretical side (determine the pumping time) to meet the construction requirements. If the requirement is met, the model is determined and the model is selected if the requirement is not met. So repeat until the selected model meets the requirements.