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Concrete Pump Operation Should Pay Attention To What?
- May 26, 2017 -

The concrete pump consists of a pump body and a pipe. Is a use of pressure, the concrete along the pipeline continuous transport of machinery, mainly used in housing construction, bridges and tunnel construction. At present, it is mainly divided into gate valve concrete pump and S valve concrete pump. Concrete Pump Another kind of pump body is installed in the car chassis, and then equipped with retractable or inflected cloth rod, and the composition of the pump.

What should you pay attention to when handling concrete pumps?

A. Equipment in the pumping down the concrete, the first should be the upper tube of the pipe to open, and so the lower part of the concrete pipe with a certain pressure, Concrete Pump can close the valve. The following are the same as the "

B. When the concrete pumped before the end of the time, should be calculated correctly need to use the amount of concrete, and timely inform the concrete mixing.

C. During concrete pumping, excess concrete and some other waste concrete at the end of pumping should be properly treated in a timely manner according to a predetermined treatment method and place.

D. After the pump is completed, the concrete pump and the delivery pipe should be cleaned in time.

A Eliminate the clogging, re-pumping or cleaning concrete pump, the fabric of the equipment should be in the direction of safety, to prevent clogging or scrap high-speed flying out of the injured.

F. When multiple concrete pumps are pumped at the same time or in combination with other transport methods, the respective conveying capacity, Concrete Pump pouring area and pouring sequence shall be specified in advance. And should be clear division of labor, mutual cooperation, unified command. To improve work efficiency.

Concrete pump maintenance method is worth the majority of users to pay attention to the problem,

 Before starting the machine should pay attention to the following matters and maintenance methods:

A. Check the appearance of the motor is intact, fast and reliable, Concrete Pump the motor fan without damage, not loose and not with the shell friction.

B. Power and line view: cable and power cord wiring should be strong.

C. electrical control box view: wiring should be intact, no broken off; clean, dry and not wet, no debris; instrument, lights, switches and other configurations should be complete, The switch should be in the state before the launch, that is: the pressure test switch in the open position; plate valve reverse switch positive orientation.

D. oil level view: oil level should be in the center of the level gauge.

E. The water inside the tank should be carefully examined for 10 minutes, the results show: no significant reduction in the Concrete Pump liquid surface, or should see the underlying causes of leakage and timely measures to solve.

F. The hopper should be clean, no concrete slag and debris; mixing leaves should be fastened, intact, without damage or deformation.

G. The inside of the valve box should be kept clean, no concrete slag and debris, the discharge door close tight and reliable; Concrete Pump wear ring and eye plate clearance to meet the requirements.

H. The pump, oil motor, valve parts fixed condition should meet the requirements, and tubing strong convergence, sealed good.

I. Before taking over, look at each tube, the internal should be kept clean, lubricated, the appearance of no damage or serious damage; clamp and coupling screws should be well cleaned, the rubber ring in the clamp should be intact and flexible, no cement Dry slag; pipe laying should be as smooth as possible, strong convergence, support pad solid, to prevent damage to the pipe debris phenomenon.

From the above summary that the user in the purchase of concrete pump products, try to choose the quality of some reliable manufacturers, even if the price will be higher than the point is actually worth it, after all, a penny of the truth, of course, equipment in the construction The daily maintenance of the user can not be ignored, to do maintenance and maintenance of their own equipment, so as to achieve the effect of extending the life of the equipment.