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Concrete Mixing Station Plays An Important Role
- Sep 25, 2017 -

Concrete Mixing Station working principle: gravel, sand and cement, such as materials at one time to upgrade to the highest level of mixing station storage hopper, and then the ingredients weighing until stirring into finished materials, all by the weight of the material to form a vertical production process system. Features: It has high production efficiency, small power consumption, high mechanization and automation, compact layout, small footprint, etc. but its equipment is more complex, the infrastructure investment is big. Concrete batching Plant It is often a large permanent mixing station.

Concrete mixing plant is to mix the gravel, lime, cinder and other raw materials mixed, made into concrete building materials manufacturing equipment, Concrete batching Plant since put into use, in China's building and building materials industry has been playing an important role. Its main performance characteristics are as follows:

Widely used performance

Concrete mixing plant is mainly divided into aggregate, powder feed, water and admixture feeding, transmission mixing and storage four parts, equipment Tongmin using the overall steel structure casting, high-quality H-beam not only the appearance of elegant, Concrete batching Plant but also strengthened the overall structural strength of concrete mixing station, equipment installation convenient, the form of a variety of fixed-type, mobile, First-order, second-order, single-host station, dual-host station ... It can be applied to various complicated terrain structures to meet different engineering construction needs.

Good stirring performance

Concrete mixing station equipment commonly used are double horizontal shaft forced mixer, not only the mixer can be strong, Concrete batching Plant but also for dry hard, plastic, fluidity and a variety of concrete mixing ratio can achieve good stirring effect, and stir evenly, stirring efficiency is high.

Good environmental protection function

The concrete mixing station equipment has the good environmental protection performance, during the operation of the machine, the powder is operated in the whole blockade system, the powder can be used as a high-efficiency dust collector and other methods, Concrete batching Plant greatly reducing the dust pollution to the environment, at the same time to the concrete mixing station pneumatic system exhaust and unloading equipment are used muffler device, Reduce noise pollution effectively.

The good performance characteristic of concrete mixing station has the advantages of high stirring efficiency, good homogeneity of concrete, accurate and stable, convenient installation and so on.