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Concrete Mixing Plant To Meet The Needs Of Different Projects
- Aug 11, 2017 -

Concrete mixing station is the sand, lime, cinder and other raw materials for mixing, made of concrete building materials manufacturing equipment, since put into use, in China's building materials industry has played an important role. Its main performance characteristics are as follows:

The concrete mixing station is mainly divided into four parts: gravel feeding, powder feeding, water and admixture feeding, transmission mixing and storage. Concrete batching Plant The whole body is made of steel structure. The high quality H-shaped steel is not only beautiful in appearance but also strengthened The concrete structure of the concrete mixing station, the equipment is easy to install, a variety of forms, fixed, mobile, first-order, second-order, single host station, dual host station ... ... can be applied to a variety of complex terrain structure , To meet the needs of different projects

Concrete mixing station equipment are commonly used are double horizontal axis forced mixing host, not only the mixer is strong, but also for dry hard, plastic, Concrete batching Plant fluidity and a variety of concrete can achieve a good mixing effect, and mixing evenly, High stirring efficiency.

Concrete mixing station equipment has a good environmental performance, in the machine running process, powder handling are carried out in the full block system, Concrete batching Plant the powder tank is a highly efficient dust collector and other methods, greatly reducing the dust on the environment pollution, At the same time on the concrete mixing station pneumatic system exhaust and discharge equipment are used silencer device, effectively reducing the noise pollution.

Concrete mixing plant is the main equipment for the production of concrete, Concrete batching Plant high production efficiency, high level of mechanization and automation, in the construction site has been widely used, then the concrete concrete mixing station What are the characteristics?

High strength structural design

The whole station structure is reasonable and beautiful, installation, dismantling quickly, easy to transport. With a variety of layout, can meet the requirements of different venues.

2. Excellent mixing performance

Mixing host with double horizontal shaft forced concrete mixer, Concrete batching Plant stirring good quality, high productivity, dry hard, semi-dry hard, plastic and a variety of concrete can be in the ideal time to complete a good mixing.

Easy to control

The whole station using computer control system, can automatically ensure that the system continues to produce control; with dynamic panel display, Concrete batching Plant can clearly understand the operation of the various parts; intuitive monitoring interface, can clearly and accurately observe the field workflow, report printing management The

4. Dust effect is good

Concrete mixing station using active dust and passive dust combined with the station dust removal design technology, effectively solve the aggregate into the preheating hopper and powder ingredients dust, Concrete batching Plant so that the main station dust pollution to a minimum.

5. Low energy consumption

Installed power is small, while mixing less, a small amount of raw materials into the mixer and easy to mix evenly. Low cost of maintenance and use: less structural links, short belt, smooth work.