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Concrete Mixer Use Precautions
- May 02, 2017 -

1. Mixer in the first use, first check the instrument with the instructions of the instrument with accessories are complete, such as stirring, power lines;


2. Speed should be gradually transferred from the low-speed high-speed, it is best not to direct high-speed stalls, so as not to stir the child is not synchronized, causing the beating;


3. Do not stir when heated, not working should cut off the power;


4. The instrument should be kept clean and dry, mixing equipment / mixer / mixing equipment / mixing equipment / mix mixers / in particular, do not make the solution into the machine;


5. If you stir or stir when stirring, please check whether the beaker is stable, the location is positive;


6. Medium speed operation can extend the life of the mixer;


7. Use the best connection to the ground. Blender for biological, physical and chemical, cosmetics, health products, food, reagents and other experimental areas. Is a liquid mixing and stirring of the experimental equipment. Product design innovative, advanced manufacturing technology, low-speed operation torque output, continuous use of good performance. The driving motor adopts the power and compact series micro-motor, which is safe and reliable.


8.The running status control adopts the stepless governor with digital touch and the speed is convenient. The digital display shows the running speed and the data is correct.

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