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Concrete Mixer Needs Daily Maintenance
- Jul 20, 2017 -

Concrete mixer is the necessary machinery of mixing concrete in construction machinery, with the expansion of China's real estate construction industry, highway, railway, hydroelectric power station, and the popularization of commercial concrete, the production of cement products is increasing year by year, and the sales of concrete mixer are steadily increasing, thus there are different sizes and different models of mixer

Operation steps and precautions of concrete mixer equipment

1, the function of the column switch switch, dial to "automatic" position, press the start switch on the controller, the entire operation program will automatically control the operation.

2, the whole process after the operation of Automatic stop, Concrete Mixer in the operation of the project in the middle of downtime, you can press the Stop button and then restart.

The fault shows that the correct value can be displayed after the weight is calibrated, the number is not zero after unloading, and the number of the weight is changed after 0, but the sensor's resistance value is in the normal range and the instrument has no problem.

The reasons for analysis may include: the angle of the stationary scale of the transport is not unloaded, Concrete Mixer the pressure head and the pressure plate are in the card, the scales are interfered with the outside world, the 3 sensor models do not match, Concrete Mixer and the weighing material is offset.

The failure method of the equipment for handling concrete mixer is: if the angle of the fixed scale frame for transportation is not torn down, should be removed in time; if the pressure head or pressure plate hairpin, should be timely treatment, so that it is smooth and free of resistance; Concrete Mixer if the scale body and the outside interference, should be timely isolation; if the 3 sensor models do not match, should replace the model of the same sensor;

Concrete Mixer Accessories which need daily maintenance. For high-quality ladder-type concrete mixer, is composed of a number of primary components, there are mixing mainframe, sand batching equipment, Concrete Mixer cement bracket warehouse, hoist, screw conveyor and so on, these equipment can help the mixing cavity in the storage of gravel, each part embodies their own characteristics, in order to ensure the smooth production, what are the parts that need day-to-day maintenance?

1, Gas road sealing, drainage, to check whether the active sensor is normal;

2, with the belt Machine Head to the squeegee adjustment, Concrete Mixer to the belt inside the sweeper adjustment;

3, for the aggregate transport equipment, to check the belt work and interface of the situation, to check each of the blanking cylinder action and switch, to ensure the smooth production;

4, to carry out the work of the Belt roller inspection, to check the work of the motor, to ensure that the temperature is normal;

5. Check the oil level of the driving drum on schedule to know that the oil level is the guarantee of the normal production.

6, the water pipe valve discharging the question, Concrete Mixer this is the hydraulic concrete mixer Work Foundation, must check the water Pump Oil chamber liquid noodles, if said has the improper time must be added promptly.