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Concrete Mixer Is Used For Large-scale Construction Of The Project
- Sep 14, 2017 -

Concrete mixer with car chassis, mixing cylinder, into the material device, water supply system and hydraulic transmission system and other components. The main function of the mixing cylinder is to store and stir the concrete, installed in the rear half of the car frame, mainly by the cylinder, connecting flange, roller and mixing blades. The external structure of the mixing cylinder is mostly both ends of the cone, Concrete Mixer Truck the middle of the cylinder, its shape resembles the olive. Concrete tanks are made of high-quality wear-resistant steel plate, in order to be able to automatically install, unloading concrete, the inner wall of a special shape of the spiral blade. Concrete Mixer Truck Used to stir and stir the concrete.

The main purpose of the concrete mixer is to have been in the concrete mixer in the mixing of concrete or mortar transported to the construction site;

As the concrete mixer of the mixing tank is adjustable speed rotation stirring, Concrete Mixer Truck so the concrete with the mixer can be transported to the maximum guarantee in the delivery of the required distance and time without isolation, coarse aggregate does not settle, to maintain good workability;

The concrete mixers are used for the construction of mixed stations and large-scale projects, and must be equipped with an elevated mixing station (machine) that allows the tanker to pass freely and pick up;

Another concrete mixer is also a piggyback use is able to transport the same amount of water with the load of concrete.

The concrete mixer is mainly composed of the chassis and the upper part, which can be divided into: the chassis system, the hydraulic transmission system, the stirring tank body, Concrete Mixer Truck the discharging system, the cleaning system, the subframe, the control system, the roller system, the feeding system , The circuit system consists of ten parts.

1, the chassis system: the main component of the mixer, Concrete Mixer Truck the entire concrete mixer transport function is achieved by the chassis.

2, the hydraulic drive system: the power removed by the power of the engine, into the hydraulic energy (displacement and pressure), and then by the motor output for the mechanical energy (speed and torque), to provide power for the rotation of the mixing cylinder.

3, stirring tank: mixing cylinder is the key components of the entire mixing truck, is the storage of concrete containers, to prevent concrete curing, segregation plays a decisive role. Concrete Mixer Truck There are leaves inside the tank, mainly from the role of mixing and guide material.

4, the discharge system: mainly by the main discharge chute, sub-discharge trough, locking rods and other components, the sub-discharge trough from the main discharge trough to extend the role of length.

5, cleaning system: cleaning system mainly by the pressure water tank, water gun, water pipes, valves and other components. The use of air pressure, Concrete Mixer Truck the main role is to fill the material after filling the hopper and after the completion of washing the mixing tank, unloading trough, to prevent concrete bonding.

6, sub-frame: mixer sub-frame is the main load-bearing part of the load when the load is almost through it to support and then passed to the chassis.

Sub-frame also play a role in alleviating the bumps of the road, the impact of the formation of the impact load. Concrete Mixer Truck The entire subframe consists of the main beam, the front support frame, the background support frame.

7, the operating system: the operating system by the controller, linkage shaft, flexible shaft and connecting rod mechanism, the main control mixing cylinder speed and rotation direction.

8, the wheel system: the rear of the mixing tank and sub-frame connected to the site, mainly from the role of supporting the drum body.

9, feed system: mainly by the hopper and the composition of the hopper, due to impact by the impact of a larger wear, the material requires good wear resistance, Concrete Mixer Truck the main play from the role of reducing the impact.

10, the circuit system: mainly refers to the entire mixer circuit, including the vehicle's tail lights, side lights, gallery lights, cooling fan motor.