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Concrete Mixer High Productivity
- Sep 14, 2017 -

The concrete mixer is a machine which mixes cement and sand aggregate and water into concrete mixture, mainly composed of mixing cylinder, feeding and discharging mechanism, water supply system, prime mover, transmission mechanism, frame and supporting device Its characteristics and performance are analyzed.

Building concrete concrete mixer is a certain mix of water, sand, aggregate and cement and other raw materials mixed with homogeneous concrete machinery. Concrete Mixer The mixer has the advantages of high productivity, good mixing quality and so on. The earliest appeared in the early 20th century is the self-falling mixer, Concrete Mixer 50 years after the different discharge methods for the characteristics of the mixer and the different feeding methods have come out of the mixer.

First, the principle and classification of concrete mixer

From the 1950s, began to appear concrete mixer. After the nineteen seventies, with the emergence of new aggregates, the emergence of a new type of forced mixer, to achieve a blender at the same time both from the fall and forced two functions. The stirring blade has the characteristics of small speed, Concrete Mixer high wear resistance and low energy consumption. This new mixer mixing cylinder with stirring blades and participate in mixing, mixing cylinder cement to coarse aggregate in the stirring of the blade under the action of the formation of homogeneous cement mixture. Concrete Mixer This mixing method is far more than the effect of stirring from the use of intense, tight enough to stir dry hard concrete. The concrete mixer is equipped with helical stirring blades. All kinds of materials are continuously weighed into the mixer according to the common ratio. The mixed concrete is discharged continuously from the discharge end. This mixer has a short mixing time, high productivity, Concrete Mixer and its growth is noticeable.

Concrete mixer is an indispensable important equipment in the construction industry, this paper summarizes the material leaves; and mixing blades and internal and external scraper blades in the long-term mixing process if the grinding of the concrete mixer by the principle of function, detailed description of the different types of concrete mixer structure Loss can be adjusted; there are installed in the mixing arm is very important anti-card device can point and performance design, such as double cone reversing discharge mixer, Concrete Mixer double horizontal shaft concrete mixer, single horizontal shaft to a large extent Mixing blades and internal and external scraper blades of their own life, reducing the material in the concrete mixer, vertical axis vortex mixer and vertical axis planetary mixer, etc. Concrete Mixer in-depth discussion of the mixing process of unnecessary energy loss, the other vertical vortex mixer Conduct and research.

Concrete mixer is a very important mechanical construction in the construction of its own is divided into fixed-axis vertical axis planetary mixer and fixed-type vertical axis planetary mixer, which will prepare, the cement, sand, stone and water composition of raw materials by A certain proportion with the mixing obtained by non-axial vertical axis planetary mixer vertical axis can only be rotated and can not be revolved, Concrete Mixer is the turntable often uniform and dense concrete, but also to a large extent, plasticized reinforced concrete; another concrete to carry out the material Stirring, the energy consumed is relatively large. The structure and performance of the two-wheel-type vertical axis planetary stirring mixer are based on the project in the construction process of the machine is a vertical axis can be carried out both rotation and can be carried out so that the mixer to produce movement into.

Structural Characteristics and Performance Design of Concrete Mixer

But the structure of the concrete mixer is different, its structural characteristics and performance design is different, the agitation of the concrete adaptability and strength requirements, etc. are different types of concrete mixer has a different structural characteristics and performance design and The concrete mixer should be divided into the self-falling mixer and the concrete type of concrete mixer with the structural characteristics and the use of the advantages and disadvantages of the concrete mixer , Thereby enhancing the two categories of concrete mixing mixer. Concrete Mixer Machine itself on the material mixing capacity and the quality of concrete.