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Dry Powder Mortar Mixer Is Simple To Operate
- Jun 12, 2017 -

Dry powder mortar mixer is a commonly used mixer products, mainly by the hoist, premixed silo, small silo, mixer, finished goods warehouse, packaging machine, dust collector, electric control cabinet, Dry Mortar Mixer gas balance system. Xiaobian today to introduce the main application of dry powder mortar mixer and the scope of application.

Dry powder mortar mixer equipment to meet the different performance requirements of dry powder mortar, dry powder materials, dry powder adhesives and other production needs, such as: putty powder, dry powder coating, masonry mortar, plaster mortar, insulation system required mortar, decorative mortar All kinds of dry powder mortar; and has a small footprint, less investment, quick, simple operation and many other advantages.

Dry powder mortar mixer Scope:

Adhesive mortar: such as tile adhesives, sealant, thermal insulation composite system for adhesive mortar;

Plaster mortar: such as inside and outside the wall under the plaster, putty, Dry Mortar Mixer color decorative mortar, thermal insulation mortar;

Masonry mortar: such as ordinary masonry mortar, concrete block special thin bed mortar, Dry Mortar Mixer insulation masonry mortar;

Floor mortar: such as ordinary floor mortar, self-leveling mortar;

Special mortar: such as repair mortar, waterproof mortar, hardened powder and so on.

Dry powder mortar mixer the correct operation process

Improve the level of mechanization of dry powder mortar mixer equipment, many enterprises dry powder mortar mixer production line mechanized water is low, enterprises to enhance the dry powder mortar mixer production line equipment machinery need to pay attention. Enterprises to enhance their own research and development capabilities, Dry Mortar Mixer continuous innovation, technical upgrading, dry mortar mixer business on the one hand to increase the new equipment and machinery research and development efforts, and foreign advanced technology manufacturers, learn from foreign advanced technology experience, dry mortar mixer As a reference for independent innovation. On the other hand to speed up the pace of business upgrades, only the enterprise structure to a more advanced direction optimization, Dry Mortar Mixer it is possible to improve the degree of mechanization.

Dry powder mortar mixer produced by the economic and social benefits is obvious, it should increase its propaganda, dry powder mortar mixer to promote the construction of the active implementation of mechanical operations, and effectively establish the concept of mechanization. Strengthen the mechanization capacity of dry powder mortar mixer equipment, while the government to increase the support of enterprises to develop new equipment. The Government should increase the production of dry powder mortar mixer and R & D enterprises to support efforts to give certain policies and financial support, increase the enthusiasm of enterprises to develop new equipment, Dry Mortar Mixer reasonable to stimulate their ability to innovate.

In the dry powder mortar mixer work, check the mixer under the mouth of the material into the buffer into the buffer. Dry powder mortar mixer regularly remove the mixer shaft and paddle on the rope and other debris. Check whether the oil or other liquid addition system is open and the flow is normal.

Dry powder mortar mixer operating procedures:

1, dry powder mortar mixer before the start of the mechanical system should be carefully check the parts, to confirm a good start before the start. Before starting, place the agitator lever in the "neutral" position.

2, after the start, the mixing lever should be placed in the "discharge" position, put the tube within the water.

3, when charging, dry powder mortar mixer for mixing bar should be placed in the "charge" position. Before transport, the discharge chute must be fixed in the "travel" position to prevent wobbling.

4, the operation of the joystick, should be in the "neutral" position after a little stay to move to the next position.