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Stability Of Concrete Pump
- Jun 12, 2017 -

Concrete pump is the use of pressure to the concrete along the pipeline continuous transmission of machinery. By the pump and the composition of the pipeline. According to the structure is divided into piston type, Concrete Pump squeeze type, water pressure diaphragm type. The pump body installed in the car chassis, and then equipped with retractable or inflected cloth rod, the composition of the pump. The main advantages of concrete pump are:

1, high standards of safety and reliability: the main structure are selected imported high-strength steel plate manufacturing, boom with vibration technology, a protected unilateral operation, Concrete Pump anti-tipping control technology, etc., to provide all-round, high standards Safety and reliability.

2, pumping high efficiency: concrete pump with large displacement pumping technology, can significantly reduce the pumping frequency, improve the suction efficiency, Concrete Pump reduce the loss of related components.

3, easy operation and maintenance: concrete pump automatically returned by the piston, stirring automatic anti-mixing, easy to dismantle the middle ring and piston rod, easy to operate, significantly reduce maintenance costs.

4, the level of environmental protection: intelligent engine energy-saving technology, Concrete Pump can save fuel 10%.

5, high configuration of the imported pumps and motors and other hydraulic systems to ensure the stability of the hydraulic system and reliability.

6, the transmission pipe, adjustable tube, glasses, such as cutting the use of high wear-resistant materials, extending the life of wearing parts.