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Maintenance Skills Of Concrete Mixer
- Jun 12, 2017 -

Maintenance and maintenance of concrete mixer

1, before the start of concrete mixer, must be a comprehensive inspection, the normal and reliable parts, bolt connection is tight, the operation is flexible and so on.

2, the lubrication point of the various parts of the request, the fuel must be kept clean.

3, hydraulic, air pressure of the system is a bath tight seal, whether there is wear, Concrete Mixer Truck whether there is oil, leakage and other phenomena should be promptly ruled out.

4, on the hydraulic pump. Hydraulic motors, decelerating river and other components, must follow the requirements of product brochures for maintenance.

5, regularly check the mixing of the blade wear, made timely repair.

6, reducer maintenance: according to the different period of use, should be reducer for the following examples of conservation:

(1) oil change: the first phase of the use of 500 hours after the oil change, Concrete Mixer Truck after every 1500 hours for an oil, as long as a year no matter how many hours of work, must change the oil.

(2) oil: the vehicle reducer for the original imported reducer, the gear oil used heavy load vehicle gear oil GL-5, viscosity grade 85w / 140.

(3) Recommendation: oil at about 60 degrees oil temperature. After each change of oil, check the bolts to tighten the situation. Check the oil level once a week.

7, the maintenance of the radiator: Under normal circumstances, the radiator filter in the fixed period of replacement, the new car 3 months to replace the filter, after every 6 months to replace the filter, Concrete Mixer Truck the filter with the accuracy of the original filter, the daily inspection of the radiator fan Whether it is running, weekly air gun cleaning radiator blade surface, to ensure that the radiator work properly.

8, hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor maintenance: hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor is also imported, the use of hydraulic oil for the 68 # anti-hydraulic oil, the general use of 3 months to replace the hydraulic oil, after the replacement in the normal use Hydraulic oil should not exceed 12 months. Different brands of hydraulic oil can not be mixed, the replacement of new hydraulic oil, hydraulic circuits (including hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, tubing, tubing joints, radiators) clean, otherwise it will lead to hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motor failure and Shorten its service life.

9, the maintenance of the wheel: every 3 months should be regularly added grease once, Concrete Mixer Truc stirring roller wheel surface every day to fill the oil once, has been to avoid abnormal wheel wear.

10, the maintenance of water supply: concrete mixer water supply for the pressure water supply, from the chassis gas cylinder to take the gas, it should always check the airway of the seal to ensure that the chassis chassis is not affected.

11, the maintenance of the mixing tube: After each work, the mixing cylinder must have a thick stone plus clean water, according to the material method of operation, the tube of water drained, but also on the mixing cylinder and the base around Of the cement residue to be washed, the correct handling and maintenance can extend the service life of the mixing cylinder.

12, people into the mixing tube maintenance, the engine must be stalled, Concrete Mixer Truck and will start the key from the mixing cylinder into the maintenance personnel to ensure personal safety.

13, when working, stirring cylinder. Into the material and the appearance of the body to be washed with water to prevent the concrete knot in the cylinder wall and leaves and other places, such as the discovery of local concrete condensation lumps, as soon as possible to clear, but not damage the parts.

14, winter concrete mixer when not in use, should be put in the water tank and cleaning pipeline water.