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25m Concrete Pump Truck Operation Violations
- Dec 23, 2016 -

1. The total weight of loading and stuff on the pump truck shouldn’t exceed 200Kg in case of overloading.

2. When driving with accessories such as spare pipes, their load, height, width and length should not exceed the indexes prescribed by Law on Road Traffic Safety. Please make sure there is sufficient space and distance when going across underpass, bridge, tunnel or pipeline and cable in high altitude.

3. The pumping height and distance of concrete pump truck is determined through strict computing and large amount of experiments

(a) Do not lengthen the delivery pipe of pump truck’s boom;

(b) Do not change an end hose whose length exceeds 3m.

(c) Do not add delivery pipe or elbow on the outlet of end hose

(d) Do not lengthen the end hose on the position of outlet.

4.Pull the handbrake down and put a wooden wedge on the back of wheel (see figure 1) to prevent pump truck from accidental moving before pump truck unfold its landing legs in constitution site. Meanwhile, landing leg of pump truck should land on level ground instead of empty hole, slope or soft ground. Landing legs should be kept in level condition after unfolded. And its front and rear, left and right gradient against level ground should be less than 3°, or the equipment is not allowed to start.

5. Make sure that the support capacity of foundation is sufficient before landing the legs. If the foundation is unable to support the leg, support plate or auxiliary wood bars should be added on the bottom of landing leg before laying down the landing leg.

6. Do not climb to the rotary table or upper parts (such as boom and delivery pipe) at any time. If rotary table and its upper parts need maintenance, pump truck should be stopped in flat and spacious place in case of accidental moving. Then fold the boom and stop engine; fix the landing legs and sent maintenance personnel to the fault parts through other auxiliary equipments (such as shop truck); or fold the boom and keep it flat to support boom properly in case of damage. Boom may fall down and hurt people if operator opens the balance valve of boom or turns down its setting pressure without fixing the relevant boom in advance.