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Automatic Spraying Machine

Automatic Spraying Machine

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The automatic sprayer's fully enclosed spray chamber design and filtered exhaust system make the machine extremely environmentally friendly. The use of human-machine interface control enables the machine to be highly automated. This machine can be used alone or in combination with equipment such as dust collectors, levelers, paint booths and transfer tables to form an automatic painting line. Automatic coating machine features: RDP series automatic painting machine is a special spraying equipment developed for the surface coating of panel furniture and decorative materials by applying the latest foreign technology. This series of automatic glue spraying machine is more practical and has higher cost performance. This machine is suitable for UV, PU, PE, NC and other paints. It is equipped with paint recycling device and can be recycled when using UV paint.

Technical Parameter:


N5 completely automatic





Displacement volume


Delivery pressure


Maximum delivery distance


Maximum delivery height


Allowed maximum diameter    of material


Hopper volume


Feeding mode

Completely automatic

Weight of control case


Weight of delivery parts


Weight of hopper


Overall weight


CTN’s Dimension




1. Has a very high coating efficiency. Spraying efficiency of up to 500-1200 square meters per hour, more than 10 times that of traditional drum construction

2. Has excellent surface quality. The spray coating is smooth, brilliance, dense, brushless, scalding, and granules.

3. Can extend the service life of the coating. High-pressure airless spraying enables the coating particles to penetrate into the wall space, so that the paint film also forms a mechanical bond on the wall surface, enhancing the adhesion of the paint and prolonging the service life.

4. It is easy to overcome corners, gaps and uneven brushing parts.

5. Can save paint


Excellent functions:

1) Digital technology to easily and accurately adjust all pneumatic and electrical data

2) Suitable for good coating of various workpieces.

3) 3 preset models to choose from, corner coating, flat part coating, reinstallation

4) Easy to operate, suitable for beginners or advanced users

5) 20 different coating programs can be stored.

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